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Ohio's Rental Source for Event Party Tents.

With Party Tents, party planning is made easy. We provide the delivery of the tents, tables, chairs, and all other accessories needed to make your event a success. We offer all accessories needed to serve your needs for any event including but not limited to: weddings, backyard parties, corporate functions, fairs, festivals, etc.

At Party Tents, all of are tents are manufactured with Top Quality, American Made vinyl. The tent tops are heat sealed with vinyl-coated polyester webbing. Heat sealing the webbing eliminates all thread and needle holes which results in a durable, more water resistant tent. The tents will be secured by our 5000 lbs ratchets instead of high maintenance and less stable ropes. In almost every instance, our ratchet and webbing tent will still be tight and standing long after the competitor’s rope tent has collapsed due to high winds and/or other severe weather.*

The tents will be setup by our experienced crew and ready for use prior to your function date, and removed as soon as possible after the function to satisfy your needs.

*Please note that all tents are meant as temporary shelter and must be evacuated under extreme weather conditions. Tents are NOT guaranteed 100% waterproof.

Event Services:


Corporate Events

Farm shows

Military Operations



Sporting Events

County Fairs

Graduation Parties

Church Camps

Air Shows

Backyard BBQ

And More!